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Eddie Robinson

Eddie Robinson, Former Oldest Living MLB Player, Dies at Age 100

Eddie Robinson died at the age of 100 at his home in Texas. He celebrated that milestone in December. He

Baseball History

Baseball History Nuggets for September 16th

Baseball History 1900-1939 In 1903, by scoring in every inning , the Boston Americans defeat Cleveland 14-7  with Boston hammering

Harry Frazee

Harry Frazee- Red Sox Owner That Sold Babe Ruth

Harry Frazee Early Life Harry Herbert Frazee was born on June 29, 1880 in Peoria,Illinois to William and Margaret Frazee.

First Players Union

First Players Union and John Montgomery Ward

First Players Union in Baseball History John Montgomery Ward in 1885 wasn’t like many other players. Ward graduated from Columbia


The First All-Star Game Before the First All-Star Game

This All-Star Game at League Park, Cleveland, OH, July 24, 1911 –   the first “all-star” game as some called was


Ballparks Across America- 59th Street Bridge (NYC) and 23rd Street Grounds (CHI)

Ballparks Across America is a series of articles about baseball field that have been forgotten, abandoned or demolished. Baseball was

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