2022 MLB Homerun Derby Recap

homerun derby

How the Homerun Derby works

Each player gets to start with 3 minutes to hit as many home runs as they possibly can. If the player can hit one homerun over 475 feet they are granted an additional 30 seconds. If they can hit 2 home runs over 475 feet they are granted an additional minute. They are also able to take a 45-second timeout at any time that they please during their time.

The 8 participants are organized into 8 different seeds by who they believe are the best competitors. For instance this year Kyle Schwarber was the 1 seed and Albert Puljos was the 8 seed.

Round 1

1 seed Kyle Schwarber vs 8 seed Albert Puljos was an exciting one to watch. Albert Pujols entered his last home run Derby, this year in what will most likely be his last league in the year.

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Plus has only 6 home runs, 32 hits, and bats .215, however, the fans and league decided to put him in the derby to honor his greatness. Plus has the second most career home runs in the homerun derby and is one of the best home run hitters of all time.

Kyle Schwarber has 29 home runs, 70 hits, and bats .208. As you can see Schwarber is a lot younger and has been one of the most dominant power hitters all season, but he did not show this power at the homerun derby.

Schwarber and Pujols tied at only 14 home runs in the first round. They went onto a tie-breaker where Pujols hit 6 home runs in the minute over time beating Schwarbers 5.

Round 1

Juan Soto vs Jose Rameríz went just as everyone thought it would. Juan Soto, the 4 seed, was able to defeat Jose Rameríz, the 5 seed. Juan Soto has hit 20 home runs up until the all-star break when Rameríz had hit 19.
Soto was able to beat Rameríz with ease and time to spare. Rameríz was only able to hit 17 home runs. Soto hit 18 without even using his bonus time.

Round 1

Pete Alonso, former 2-time champion and all-time Homerun Derby leader in homers was looking to go for his 3 peat and he got closer as he defeated Ronald Acuna Jr. Alonso’s 20 home runs were enough to beat Acuna’s 19 home runs.

Round 1

Corey Seager, 3 seed, was eliminated in round 1 by 21-year-old stud, 6 seed, Julio Rodriguez. The 21-year-old hit an astonishing 32 home runs which were 8 more than Seagers’ 24. This Put the young buck into the semi-finals.


In the Semi-finals, the 21-year-old was able to take down the defending champ, Pete Alonso. Pete Alonso struggled to get the bat going where he was only able to hit 23 home runs compared to JRods 31.


No one expected Puljos to make it to the semis so as expected Soto was able to defeat Puljos with ease. Pujols only hit 15 home runs which Soto beat with time to spare.


The Finals were set with Julio Rodriquez batting against Juan Soto. Julio ran out of steam in the finals as he hit his round low with only 18 home runs. Soto was able to win the homerun derby with 19 home runs and got his revenge after getting eliminated last second the year before. Julio Rodriquez put his name on the map, however, Soto was still extremely deserving of the victory.


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