Aaron Boone Will Not be a Motivational Speaker After He is Fired

Aaron Boone

After Aaron Boone is fired, I guarantee that he will not be a motivational speaker. 

New York Yankees baseball is starting to become comical. The team was swept by the Red Sox in Fenway over the weekend in an embarrassing fashion.

Boston narrowly won the first two contests, but the bats came alive on Sunday as the new savages of the American League East took Gerrit Cole deep three times en route to a 9-2 win.

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Following devastating losses, all great managers have special ways to motivate their players. It’s now confirmed that Aaron Boone has no clue how to motivate his club…

Blank Stares

Aaron Boone’s face featured the blankest stare I have ever seen following Sunday’s loss to the Boston Red Sox. However, it became blanker after the lackluster Angels took a cross-country road trip and edged the Bronx Bombers by a 5-3 tally.

Aaron Boone

Shohei Ohtani went yard for the 26th time this season, and New York was unable to recover. There seemed to be an aurora around Yankee Stadium heading into the game that gave fans the impression that something would change.

Maybe, just maybe, losing three straight to a divisional rivalry would motivate the former savages to reestablish themselves with a dominant win.

As you are already aware, the Yankees played worse on Monday than they did in Boston for most of the series.

Heading into the contest, Boone gave a powerful statement to motivate his club.

“We need to, as best we can, be ready to go each and every night. We’ve had too many ups and downs, and we’re in too good a division to have those ups and downs continue. Our season is on the line.”

Real-life is not a Disney movie in most cases, but when you say, “Our season is on the line” and lose, it’s not a very good look, especially in an organization that has won 27 World Series championships.

The Yankees needed to win on Monday, and they came up short again.

Aaron Boone is a Comedian

I think it’s hilarious that Yankees fans still believe they have a shot at making the playoffs. There is a lot of time remaining in the 2021 campaign, but time is running out on the franchise’s October dreams.

Here is my message to Yankees fans:

Your season is NOT on the line. Your season is OVER.

I am a Red Sox fan, but please make no mistake. I am calling it how it is in New York. The Yankees are not good, and they are imploding because they have been unable to respond to adversity.

Aaron Boone

New York wins with home runs, and they are in the top ten for this metric. Although, they have been atrocious putting the ball in play with runners in scoring position, and that’s why they have struggled to win.

The team of superstars is 24th in MLB in runs scored. If you are 24th in runs scored in a division like the American League East, you will not win anything.

The Baltimore Orioles have score five more runs than the Yankees in 2021. Let that fact sink in as we approach the halfway point of the 2021 season.

Boone could not be more accurate by saying the Yankees need to get it together, but his motivational tactics need to change, or New York will finish in fourth place in the American League East.


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