Welcome to Baseball Spotlight! Putting the Spotlight on America’s Favorite Pastime

Baseball Spotlight is here to bring you all the news, information, and action about baseball around the globe. We are a site completely dedicated to all that is Baseball. As Latin and North America’s much-enjoyed pastime, we here at Baseball Spotlight want to keep you up to date with everything baseball-related.

This website makes it easy to get all the facts, stats, predictions, and scoops about the sport we love in an easy, condensed format made enjoyable for the reader. We will be covering baseball, not only in the Americas, but all around the globe because we here at Spotlight know how much baseball has become a favorite pastime for us all.

The Sports 2.0 Network

Baseball Spotlight is part of the newly launched Sports 2.0 Network, powered by Knup Solutions. Our Friends over at Knup Solutions will continue to grow this large array of sites ranging from full sports coverage, to betting, to esports to card collecting.

The Sports 2.0 network of affiliates will offer it all. Baseball Spotlight is one of the most anticipated sites to launch under the sports 2.0 umbrella. We know you will enjoy it.

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Baseball News

Baseball Spotlights’ team of writers will provide the most up-to-date news and data from baseball from all around the world.

Our site will bring you the most up-to-date news, statistics, breakdown of baseball players, teams, coaches, awards etc. Our writers will also provide information on head-to-head match-ups before and after the game.

Who We Cover

At Baseball Spotlight we aren’t just bringing you news about baseball. We are also going to bring you analyses, highlights, and cool facts about up-and-coming players as well as your favorites.

We cover the gamut from the MLB to the MiLB, college baseball, prospects, and the latest must-haves in baseball card collecting.

What We Cover

  • MLB

We will be covering all 30 teams in major league baseball. The MLB is the big stage in professional baseball. No matter where you come from or which team is your favorite, Baseball Spotlight will provide everything you could ever want to know about the game.
We will include predictions about players, coaches, team matchups, and current news including current and historical news about your favorite stadiums etc.

If you would like to know who is in contention for the CY Young award or the Golden Glove or even how many people can fit into Yankee stadium, we’ve got a section for it, we’ve got you covered.

  • MiLB

The minor leagues are split into four sections (Triple-A, Double-A, High-A, Low-A). These four levels of baseball include 120 teams located throughout the United States.

Our writers will work day and night to bring you news on all prospects in the minor leagues including those that haven’t yet broken out.

Every stat line for every player and team will be published along with articles breaking down the most exciting players of each level of the minors.

  • College Baseball

Baseball Spotlight will cover all levels of college baseball from D1 to Junior College. In baseball, great players can come from all over so we want to make it our goal to cover every team and player so that you can keep track of players from the smaller schools, their teams, and their games.

No matter your location you will always be able to keep up with your favorite teams and people.

  • Prospects

Every Prospect that comes up in the MLB pipeline will be presented on our site. Whether you’re in high school, college, or the minors you can have a presence on Baseball Spotlight.

We provide a picture of each highlighted player with all their stats, exciting plays, awards, and more. If the player is in high school, you will be able to see which colleges have shown an interest in them or where they may have committed.

Also, if they have participated in showcases, we will have those stats including the 40-yard dash time and the infield throwing velocity. We want to provide as much information as we can for fans, scouts, and coaches.

  • Card Collecting

Collecting cards continues to grow in popularity every day and here at Baseball Spotlight, we find this world of sports cards incredibly fascinating. That’s why we are going to provide information on everything related to baseball cards.

We will provide articles about very rare cards that have been found, how much they might sell for and how that player performed, and more.
If you have any questions about cards, we will provide a section for people to ask questions about the cards and our team will immediately begin to work on an answer for that question. We will investigate the prospect of card digitization and capturing Moments digitally.

  • International

Lastly, we will also be covering baseball on an international scale because baseball isn’t only played in North and South America. We will be focusing mostly on the Americas but we will look to Australia, Japan, and the Dominican Republic when it comes to leagues and teams.

When it comes to players, we are looking for who will be in the MLB pipeline, and they will have a page with everything you need to know about the player and what the future might hold for them.

Baseball Spotlight Library

We work hard here at Baseball Spotlight to provide you with the best information on baseball and that isn’t all our site will provide.

We look forward to creating a history section for baseball that includes both the negro leagues and white leagues during times of segregation and the journey of each.

We want to keep the history of baseball alive as we continue to move forward in the world to remember how America’s greatest game came to be.