Mets MUST Extend Javy Baéz Contract

Mets Must ExtendJavy Baez Contract

Another disappointing season for the Mets in this 2021 after starting the season with high expectations with the beginning of a new regime, now they’re about to finish 3rd in the NL East on what was the weakest division this year. Still, there are few bright things this year.

Javy Baez is one of them; after being dealt by the Cubs along with Trevor Williams at the deadline, many thought Mets made half-measures at the deadline, how they ended the season it’s a sign of that, but none of Baez or Williams are to blame on this, in fact, they did what they were supposed to, help a team with their postseason push.

Trevor Williams had an ERA over 5 with the Cubs, and he now owns a 2.63 ERA with a 153 ERA+ in 27.1 Innings; Mets can work with him this year knowing he’s under control for 1 more year, Baez is about to be a free agent this year, unless, Mets decide to extend him a contract.

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Baez has been an absolute game-changer for the Mets in his short time with the Mets, when dealt; he had an ops of .781 a WRC+ of 102 a k% of 36.3 and a BB% of 4.2 with a fWAR of 2.0 a little underwhelming considering he had an ops of .842 and a WRC+ of 111 and a fWAR of 3.2 in 2019 by the time of the deadline.

Baez has an ops of .915 and a WRC+ of 150 a k% 28.6, a BB% of 7.4 and fWAR of 1.9 almost matching his season total in 2 months with the Mets, he’s striking out less and being more patient at the plate, it gets better since August 22 when coming off injury with a ridiculous ops of .1013 and a WRC+ of 176(8th best in the MLB with min. 100PA).

Mets MUST Extend Javy Baez

Mets need to sign not only for his offense, which is already a big reason why but for also his defense at 2B with already 16 saved runs; there’s concern about signing him and getting the Baez pre-deadline, striking out a lot and not getting any walks, but that shouldn’t be a reason of major concern, they only need to keep him with a K% under 30% that’s it.

Baez best season in 2018 and 19’ both all-star seasons he had and K% of 25.9 and 27.8, and his worst season, 2020, he had a K% 31.9 and 36.3 before getting dealt; Mets don’t need him to prime Joey Votto or Juan Soto at the plate, only need him to not chase pitches way out of the zone and strike out less than 1 every 3 plate appearance.

I want to believe the Mets and Baez are going to reach an agreement before he reaches free agency; they already have a tight budget, but letting him go will be a big mistake.


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