MLB Power Rankings – June 24, 2021

MLB Power Rankings

Looking for MLB Power Rankings? If you are, you came to the right place. We here at Baseball Spotlight have prepared a special article for you. Stay tuned and read this piece! 

It seemed for a short period of time that the Tampa Bay Rays were the team to beat around the MLB. Their time possessing the #1 spot has come to an end as injuries add up and other teams continue to progress. The Houston Astros have come out of the shadows and put on a display of a combination of high-caliber offense and defense.

The biggest surprise yet this season has been the dominant San Francisco Giants who seemingly never lose a series. Closing in on the All-Star break teams look to make a final push before getting the week off. Let’s take a look at the top 10 teams in the league right now and how legit of a contender they really are.

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On the Bubble: Mets, Cubs, Brewers, Yankees

Numbers 10-6

MLB Power Rankings

10. Washington Nationals (35-36, .493%)

A below .500% team in the top 10?! I know you’re all thinking I must have lost my mind, but have you forgotten the season the Nationals put together just two years ago? The entire season they were below .500%, until it became playoff time and they had one thing on their minds: prove everyone wrong. That’s what they’re on pace to repeat this season as Scherzer returns from the IL and the Nats have now won nine of their last ten. Remember this moment, because I know I will.

Legit or Fraud: Watch out, the Nationals are LEGIT

9. Cleveland Indians (40-31, .563%)

It’s about time the Cleveland Indians joined us for this week’s power rankings. Shane Bieber, Mike Clevinger, and Aaron Civale have all unfortunately made their way over to the IR. For a team built on the foundation of starting pitching to be in the mix says something about the coaching and hitting going on in Cleveland. Surprisingly, the Indians don’t hold an above .300 batter in their lineup, rather they all hold around a .275 BA making them a scary team to pitch against.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

8. Tampa Bay Rays (44-31, .587%)

It goes without saying, injuries really did a number on the Tampa Bay Rays this season. Holding the #1 spot just a week ago, their time came and went, and perhaps their time will return when they need it most down the road. The Rays are struggling without their ace Glasnow as they dropped four straight to the Mariners. Wander Franco impressed people in his debut hitting a double and game-tying home run. If he can continue to produce for the Rays, then they may not lose as much ground as one might think.

Legit or Fraud: Currently fraud, but we know what they’re capable of 

7. Boston Red Sox (44-30, .595%)

The Red Sox are probably the most inconsistent team in the league right now. Just look at their past results, it tells a story. Scoring nine runs followed by scoring two runs has become part of the norm in Boston and something they look to minimize down the road. The best teams win when both sides of the field are working in offense and defense. The Red Sox have some work ahead of them if they hope to consider themselves as one of the best teams in baseball.

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

6. Oakland Athletics (45-31, .592%)

Remarkably, the Oakland A’s are just two games out of first place in the AL West behind the steaming Astros. That goes to say the brand of baseball that is being put on display in Oakland is truly outstanding. With Chapman showing some sparks this past week the A’s can be a scary team when the playoffs come around.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

Numbers 5-1

5. Chicago White Sox (44-30, .595%)

It seems the days where the White Sox offense puts up 20 runs in back-to-back games are gone. The Sox lost their first five games of their road trip while only scoring 11 runs. Their pitching continues to be a bright spot, but their offense has suffered as of late. Mercedes has finally come back to reality and Abreu continues to walk back to the dugout with his head down time and time again. The moral is down in southside Chicago, who’s going to pick it up?

Legit or Fraud: Fraud

4. San Diego Padres (45-32, .584%)

The Padres were nowhere to be found on last week’s power rankings, so how all of the sudden have the climbed there way to #4? The Padres completed a four-game sweep over the Reds this past weekend and followed it up with an even more impressive sweep over the defending World Series champs. The possibilities and potential damage this team can do late in the season is truly alarming as key components Manny Machado and Blake Snell have yet to really get things going this season.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (44-30, .595%)

Following a sweep of a below average Diamondbacks team, the Dodgers were dealt a sweep of their own by division rival Padres in which they couldn’t get the bats going. Returning home after a long road trip will certainly contribute to the Dodgers getting back to the World Series contending team they are. With Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger back in the lineup, now is a perfect time to get things rolling in LA.

Legit or Fraud: Legit

2. San Francisco Giants (48-26, .649%)

It seems every time you check the Giants last 10 games that it’s above .500%. Teams simply cannot find a crack in the Giants roster to deliver them a sweep. Pitching remains a reliable factor in San Francisco, especially when Anthony DeSclafani steps on the mound boasting a 1.00 ERA in his last 27 innings pitched. 

Legit or Fraud: Legit

1. Houston Astros (46-28, .622%)

Baseball’s hottest team in the past month is about to get even hotter as they head to Detroit for a four-game series and follow it up with a three-game series against the Orioles back home. The Astros are coming off back-to-back sweeps in which they dominated AL Central leaders White Sox, outscoring them 27-8 throughout the four-game series. Winning 10 in a row and outsourcing opponents by 60+ runs (81-21) makes the Astros our new #1 team of the week.

Legit or Fraud: LEGIT 


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