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Cup of Coffee- Part 1

Every Thursday I will feature a player or several players that made it to the major leagues for a cup


Free Shoeless Joe Jackson!

Joe Jackson needs to get his lifetime ban from baseball lifted and considered for the Hall of Fame. This is

Best DHs Ever

Best DHs Ever: Top 5 Designated Hitters in Major League Baseball History

Best DHs Ever: The designated hitter became a reality on April 6, 1973, when Ron Bloomberg stepped into the batter’s


George Whiteman – Babe Ruth’s Replacement

George Whiteman Background George “Lucky” Whiteman was born on December 23. 1184 in Peoria, Illinois. His father moved from New


How Cleveland Became the Indians due to Sockalexis

This story begins on October 24, 1871, with the birth of Louis Sockalexis. He was a member of the Penobscot


First Commissioner of Baseball- Kenesaw Mountain Landis

Commissioner of Baseball The game of baseball didn’t decide they needed a commissioner until 1921 after the Black Sox Scandal.


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