The Cincinnati Reds Are Redefining Swag in Baseball

Reds are redefining swag

Swag is defined as a bold self-assurance of style or manner. The Cincinnati Reds are redefining swag in baseball.

Baseball has been criticized for no longer appealing to young viewers because of its lack of entertainment. Critics want to see more action and a faster pace of play because these two things have lacked in the past decade.

I am not one of the people who believe that the game needs to be faster to be more entertaining. I love watching baseball, but there are times when I wish that we would be able to see the players display more emotion through bat flips, showboating, and everything in between.

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If you have watched the Cincinnati Reds in 2021, I guarantee that you have been entertained. It’s not because of Cincinnati’s pace of play or their display of baseball strategy.

The Reds are redefining swag in baseball, which is why they are so fun to watch. This team is filled with cocky and showboating ballplayers, which is exactly what baseball needs in 2021.

Reds are Redefining Swag

One quote from Amir Garrett can sum up the 2021 Cincinnati Reds at this point of the season.

“I want everybody to think that the Cincinnati Reds are, like, the cockiest team ever. We’re some bat flippin’, showboatin’, son of a guns and I want everybody to know that.”

The Reds have already had a bench-clearing brawl and have done plenty of bat flipping. Nobody expected much from the Reds entering the year. I was one of those people, and I still do not know how well they will perform over 162 games.

Their 2021 record does not matter in my mind because the Reds are redefining swag in baseball. The bat flips, the cockiness, and the emotion that Cincinnati plays with is incomparable.

Every time I watch the Reds, I feel like I am watching a playoff game because of the energy that the team exudes with every pitch of the baseball.

The Cardinals Fight

Reds are redefining swag

The Reds got hammered on Opening Day at home against the St. Loui Cardinals. Although, this was the best thing that could have ever happened to this team.

The Reds were down 7-1 in the third inning against the Cardinals on Opening Day when Nick Castellanos stepped into the box.

Castellanos went yard with an epic bat flip and flexed at his own dugout. St. Louis did not forget this, and in game two of the series, Jake Woodford pegged Castellanos.

The right fielder was not very happy about this, and he ended up getting into a little fight on a play at the plate with Woodford and Yadier Molina. This skirmish caused the benches to clear, and the Reds’ swagger was born.

Since the Fight
Reds are redefining swag

Ever since the fight, the Reds have taken on this culture of bat flips, showboating, and beating teams into the ground. Cincinnati has not lost since Opening Day.

The Reds took two of three games from the Cardinals, and they swept the Pirates. The Reds have hit 14 bombs in six games this season.

Nick Castellanos has collected four of these bombs. The squad is slashing over .310 and getting on-base just under 40% of the time.

They have outscored the Reds and the Pirates by a margin of 57-26. They are grinding teams into the ground and letting them know it through their swagger. I wish more teams took on Cincinnati’s persona because it’s entertaining to watch.

The Reds are redefining swag in baseball, and I hope the league takes notice. If we could get a few additional bat flippin’, show boatin’, son of a gun teams in MLB, more fans would tune in every day.

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