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Plate Discipline

Plate Discipline- What Is It? Plate Discipline is a baseball statistics that tells how often an hitter swings and makes contact with certain or different types of pitches or how often a pitcher induces swings […]

barrel zone
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Barrel Zone

What is a Barrel Zone? It starts out with launch angle which we covered here. Batter would like to see their be in the 10-50 degree range because grounders doesn’t often produce more than an […]

spin rate
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Spin Rate

Spin Rate-What is it? Spin rate is measured in RPM’s or revolutions per minute. It is the rate of spin on a baseball after it leaves the pitcher’s hand. Spin Rate is important to a […]

Sabermetrics & Analytics

Statcast-Launch Angle

What is statcast? Statcast is an automated tool used to measure player movements and athletic abilities through the use of high-speed and highly accurate technology. In 2015, it was installed in all 30 major league […]