Creating the Best MLB Player Ever from Current Rosters

Best MLB player ever

Pro sports and their GOAT debates, including the “best MLB player ever”, are always that of peak interest on social media. With fans being devoted to their favorite players and throwing insults at anyone who opposes them, it can get very toxic very quickly.

Also, something people tend to argue much about is players and their attributes. Who hits the hardest, who’s the fastest, who gets on base more, the list goes on and on.

However, what I want to do today is combine the best attributes of every active MLB player to make them the best player in the league. From batting to fielding all the way down to athleticism, I’m going to match that with our player to create the best MLB player ever from current rosters.

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To set the No. 1 ground rule, this is based on THIS YEAR ONLY. 2022 is the singular year I will be pulling stats from, and career arguments will not be used. That is a topic for another article. The best players THIS YEAR at each respective skill will be used to make the best MLB player ever, starting with the power-hitting category.

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Power Hitting – Yordan Alvarez, HOU Astros, DH

The big-bodied batter for the Houston Astros may not be the first person that comes to mind, but he is the absolute best. This guy can absolutely tear the ball apart, shredding it into the stratosphere.

Alvarez is a contender in almost every power-hitting statistic. What really convinced me was his average exit velocity, leading the league with 96 mph. Remember, we aren’t looking for the most consistent hitter or the best contact hitter, we want a guy who hits the ball the hardest.

Not only this, but his ground balls are the second-fastest in the league, and his hard-hit percentage is back in first. He ranks top 10 in almost every hard-hitting statistic and hits the ball the hardest the most often.

Contact Hitter – Luis Arraez, MIN Twins, 2B

Arraez is simply great at getting on base. He doesn’t hit the ball into the next dimension, but he leads the league in batting average and on-base percentage. The guy has difficulty NOT hitting the ball and manages to get himself to first 42% of the time.

His ability to see the ball matched with Alvarez’s power-hitting ability would be a nightmare in the batter’s box and would cause tremors in the MLB world. That alone puts this player in the top 10 hitters ever, and we haven’t even touched fielding.

Fielding – Dansby Swanson, ATL Braves, Shortstop

One of the more difficult positions on the infield, Swanson is the perfect fit for our player. 2nd in the league in putouts, 1st in assists, and 1st in fielding percentage? It’s almost too good to be true.

Not only this, but out of all qualifying players, Swanson has the second least amount of errors. This player is not only the best fielder in the MLB during the 2022 season, but he has one of the best names in baseball too? Sign me up.

Throw Velocity- Emmanuel Clase, CLE Guardians, Pitcher

I know it sounds cheap to put a pitcher here, but we need a guy trained to throw absolute darts. Clase, the 2022 all-star, is our guy to throw absolute gas. His 4-seamer has the 3rd highest average velocity, just over 100 mph.

However, if we want the best player ever, they need velocity on all of their pitches. Clase’s cutter averages out at almost 100 mph as well, with his slider sitting at 92. This guy has a cannon.

Size – Aaron Judge, NY Yankees, Outfield

This is a no-brainer. 6’7” 282 pounds is unbelievable, and his length will help this team. However, our player may be big and strong, but his legs need to be able to keep up. His body matched with an amazing athlete will round out our perfect player.

Speed – Trea Turner, LA Dodgers, Shortstop

Turner has the absolute burners that this player needs. His average speed is 30.4 feet per second, which is 0.1 behind the leader.

You may be asking why the No. 1 fastest player isn’t who I chose? Well, average speed doesn’t tell the whole story. The player in question, Bobby Witt Jr, has had 29 less competitive runs, and Turner has hit over 30 ft/s 14 more times than his competition. The consistency and ability Turner has displayed shows that his speed will make our player the best in the league.

Final Thoughts on The Best MLB Player Ever

This player is easily the best MLB player ever, with aspects of every 2022 roster sprinkled in. With pure strength and speed alone, this player would be a menace, but adding fielding and throwing velocity has bred us a new Shohei Ohtani that plays every position on the field.

This mystery player would dominate the sport, but he needs a name, and in good fashion, I need to give him one. Following our same procedures as before, picking the name to carry the deity that is this player should be from a real player on an MLB roster in 2022.

However, that doesn’t do this player justice. This player should be named after the most outstanding, polarizing player to ever walk on the Earth. That being said, I introduce you to the next MLB Hall of Famer, Bartolo Colon.


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